GHD Gold Max Styler


So, first of all. I have no laptop. But I will be darned if that will stop me so I’m putting my iPhone through its paces for this post. Second of all this is my first post about hair. How exciting 🙂

I’m not sure why I haven’t spoken about my hair before.. You can’t really miss it. I am indeed a naturally curly girl. When I say curly I actually mean crazy omg look at the size of that girl’s hair curly. I have grown to love it and about three years ago I stopped straightening it for good.

However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wear it straight for a wedding recently. I have always thought GHD’s performed reasonably well in my hair, but these were different. The hairdresser user GHD gold max to get through my masses of hair…and here is how it looked….


Here is a before and after….


I really liked how the ombré looked in my hair when it was straight and the length was great. It made a great change and I would definitely recommend the GHD Gold MAx stylers for girls with really thick curly hair like mine.

But will I be ditching the curls for good?….