Wedding Make-up

So we all know about the royal wedding tomorrow and I don’t know about you but I’m more interested in Kate Middleton’s make-up then anything else ( yes this is a bit shallow but hey, I am a beauty writer!) I have to say I am impressed to hear that Kate is daring to go it alone on the day with just some helpful tips from the amazing British make-up artist Arabella Preston. So whether you’re a go-it-alone bride or gearing up to attend a succession of summer weddings then its time to get savvy with wedding make-up. Here are my tops products for that big day:

Eyelure Individual lashes (£5.30)

For me it’s all about natural lashes on the day, when I say natural of course I mean the best that natural can possibly be! These individual lashes give the illusion of natural lashes without compromising a full flutter. Either add 2 or 3 individual lashes to the outer corner of the lash line to open up the eyes and create a flirty, innocent look or use as many as you want across the whole lash line for a fuller effect. The beauty of these is that you aren’t left with an obvious seam that other false lashes have. Plus they last for up to 4 weeks which will take you right into the honeymoon season 🙂  

 Guerlain Parure Extreme Fluid Foundation (£35.50)

Weddings are tearful times for Brides and guests alike and while most make-up brands offer waterproof mascara, it’s a little more tricky to obtain waterproof foundation. Sounds odd but think about it, who wants tear stains down their face when toasting the happy couple. Enter Guerlain. Yes their products are expensive but if its luxury you’re looking for then look no further. Parure Extreme Fluid Foundation is not only water-resistant, its got your spf 25 sorted. It has the perfect balance between a matte and radiant finish and you can wear this product with confidence throughout the whole day, even when everything else goes wrong (heaven forbid!)


Estee Lauder Pure Color Long lasting lipstick (£18.00)  

Kissing and weddings go hand in hand, so you may as well do it with your lips looking fabulous! Estee Lauder’s range of Pure Color lipsticks are beautiful and classic and are a must for the wedding season. With a satin sheen finish, this product isn’t drying like a lot of long wear lipsticks and offer two finishes, creme and shimmer. Go with shimmer if you want a fuller pout as the sparkly particles will reflect the light off the lips creating a fuller smoother effect. If your going for heavier eye make up then go for the creme finish for a subtle shine. All textures are infused with shea butter to take care of your smackers too, because at the end of the day, no one wants a flaky pout! My personal favourite….and belive me this was really hard to Ambition Creme.      

       Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo (£11.25)

Not the most appropriate name for a wedding beauty product but don’t be a prude because   your roots will thank you for it. With all the stress of the day with up-do’s and hair touch ups, those who are prone to greasy locks will suffer. So keep this cheeky shampoo handy to absorb any excess oil in the hair. Also if you have fine hair and are opting for a dramatic up-do then spraying this product on before styling will help keep the hair in place as it gives it more grip. Great for volume and back combing too without the hassle of smelly hairspray!


Calvin Klein Beauty (£35.00-£65.00)

It’s easy to forget fragrance with everything else that going on but there is a great range out there that are just right for weddings. My personal favourite is the relatively new addition to the Calvin Klein fragrance family, Beauty. Just the name says it all. Overpowering fragrances will give you a headache at the end of the long day so keep it fresh with notes of cedarwood and timeless jasmine. But don’t be fooled, this fragrance puts a welcome modern twist on out dated floral fragrances. The key ingredient is Lily which is at the heart of Calvin Klein fragrances so you can rest assure that you will be effortlessly stunning on the big day.