WAH nails review….

I have said this so many times on this blog, so sorry to my regular readers because here comes another…..I have no patience with nail varnish. Occasionally when I have a spare hour I will sit down and give them a paint, full of promise and positivity which quickly disappears when i realise my nails are still tacky and I want to make a cup of tea and play on my phone. SO, it may come as a surprise to some that i have been following WAH nails since its conception.
“In 2008, founder Sharmadean Reid had an inkling that the nail art she and her friends had been sporting for years was about to hit the mainstream (and having working as a trend consultant since graduating from Central St Martins, she should know!) After another bad experience at a local nail salon (they refused to do the Dior double french) she decided she was going to open her own salon where you could have “Whatever you wanted on your fingertips” and of course, it would be called WAH Nails.”  (http://www.wah-nails.com/about)
I like their whole ethos. WAH started not just a nail bar but a lifestyle enhancement. And of-course, I always admire business women who aren’t afraid of coming out with something new, which is exactly what Sharmadean Reid did. Oh and I hate french manicures…
Not being one to splurge on beauty treatments (i’m usually a D.I.Y kinda gal) I never booked myself in…until Saturday. That’s right, i finally splurged, and I’m so glad I did, I’m in love! Here is what my nails looked like:
photo 1
photo 3
 The lovely WAH girl Cherry did my nails in a surprisingly short amount of time. Considering my nails are quite short for the designs I wanted, I thought she did an amazing job. I was very familiar with WAH’s classic mix and match and knew that is what I wanted. I think next time I will get something more unified for a change. I paid £37.50 for this, a little pricey but I could no way do this art myself so I was happy to pay it. I would’t recommend the studs unless the nails are for a special occasion the same day as they have already fallen off, which i knew they would once the nail varnish got too hard.
All in all I really enjoyed my experience and am already planning my next trip. Follow @wahnails on Instagram for amazing nail inspiration and to book an appointment at the Oxford street salon call: +44 (0)20 7927 7844
You can also get WAH nails latest book full of tutorials and more at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Nails-Book-Downtown-Girls/dp/174270591X/ref=pd_sim_b_1
More mix and match ideas!

More mix and match ideas!


The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls


GHD Gold Max Styler


So, first of all. I have no laptop. But I will be darned if that will stop me so I’m putting my iPhone through its paces for this post. Second of all this is my first post about hair. How exciting 🙂

I’m not sure why I haven’t spoken about my hair before.. You can’t really miss it. I am indeed a naturally curly girl. When I say curly I actually mean crazy omg look at the size of that girl’s hair curly. I have grown to love it and about three years ago I stopped straightening it for good.

However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wear it straight for a wedding recently. I have always thought GHD’s performed reasonably well in my hair, but these were different. The hairdresser user GHD gold max to get through my masses of hair…and here is how it looked….


Here is a before and after….


I really liked how the ombré looked in my hair when it was straight and the length was great. It made a great change and I would definitely recommend the GHD Gold MAx stylers for girls with really thick curly hair like mine.

But will I be ditching the curls for good?….



Forget temple run, I have found my dream app with ModiFace. I have never actually been a big fan of make-over apps, main reason being I usually look like a clown after, but this one was a pleasant surprise.

Even without the upgrade, the range of colours are pretty vast and surprisingly on trend, especially the gothic lip shades.

If your looking for just a bit of fun or are seriously looking for a new look or hairstyle, I would definitely recommend this app.

It’s pretty persuasive too, I’m even contemplating if blondes really do have more fun (see below).



HD Brows

Ladies (and Gentlemen), skinny eyebrows are a definite no no. Brows are back in fashion and back with vengeance because when it comes to the eyebrow, bolder is most definitely better. Would the likes of Beyonce or Kim Kardashian be seen with sketched on brows? No, because like the rest of the fashion world, they are embracing strong eyebrows.

Skinny, faint eyebrows don’t suit anyone. Fact. Strong, confident brows are the way forward, but this statement look needs a helping hand…enter HD brows. Re-shaping your brows can be a daunting process, but trust me, after visiting a HD brow stylist; you will never go back to tweezing again.

My brows have been through it all, over plucking, excessive waxing, pencilling in, trimming, you name it, I have done it to my brows! I heard about HD brows through word of mouth, and after looking at way too many pictures of myself with dodgy brows, I thought to myself, “what have I got to lose”.

HD brows is not only a treatment, it’s a personalised service that caters to your individual brow needs. Perhaps what makes HD brows different (and better) is that the perfect shape is established before a single hair is plucked or threaded. The technician sketched the brow shape she thought would suit my face shape, once I was satisfied the next step was the HD tint.  I have never had an eyebrow tint that lasted so long. My HD brow tint lasted at least 2 weeks longer than other tints I have had in other salons, so well worth the money!

Next was threading. I have had my eyebrows threaded before and have always been abit wary because they looked VERY thin after…not a good look. But because the shape was already established, the results were perfect. My eyebrows were also trimmed for a streamline effect and any strays were also plucked out.

Unlike other brow treatments, my HD technician advised about after care and how to fill in my brows. She used the HD brow pallet fill in any gaps and create a more striking look. This also helps between treatments as it keeps the shape defined, meaning if you do get a few stray hairs,  you don’t make the mistake of plucking into the shape.

HD brow treatments do vary. Although mine were threaded, depending on individual needs wax is also used. My eyebrows had some shape to them already so it wasn’t necessary to use both!

I was more than happy with the results. People underestimate the benefits of a good brow shape. It can make your face look slimmer, define your features and give you a completely new look. The results were long lasting as well. I didn’t have to go back to the salon for 7 weeks and even when I did, they were in much better condition than what they would have been without my HD brow treatment.

For your nearest HD salon go to: http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/salon-finder

Before: Blink and you'll miss them!!!

After: POW

After: Boom!

Crack up!

So I was browsing through More mags beauty pages when I came across Barry M’s instant nail effects (£3.99). I had heard of it before and thought it was about time I tried it myself….all thanks to my house mate Rachel who is way ahead of the game and bought it about a month ago! 🙂

I was really impressed. Anyone who knows me will say that although I’m interested in all make up, I have never been that fussed about nail polish…shock horror!! I think this is because I’m impatient. I get all flustered when it won’t dry in time and chips after one day…drives me mad!! But this product is really simple. You just pick any base colour, the lighter the better to show the full effect, let it dry and paint one coat of the Instant nail effects over it and like magic it breaks up and creates a funky jagged effect. It may take two goes to get it perfect, as if you aply to much it’s a little clumpy but overall a really simple product to use.

Bravo Barry M, Bravo!!

The Foundation challenge……..

If there is one thing that a foundation must, I repeat….MUST do is stay on all day!! I have no time to reapply, especially after all my hard work with bronzer and just the right amount of blush!! So, with the help of my camera I am putting some of the best known foundations to the test. Starting with MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (19.50), which claims to stay put for 8 hours with a medium matte coverage.

Don’t think I went easy on MAC, oh no, I didn’t sit around with it on my face all day (trying) to look pretty. I walked in the rain on my way to Uni, got squished on the tube, sat through ‘Love and other Drugs’ which may I say had me crying like a baby, then proceeded to get a little bit squiffy with a tia maria or four! So….does MAC do exactly what it says on the tin……here is the photo evidence:


….and 10.30pm

So, its an impressive result for MAC studio Fix Fluid. It has stood  and surpassed the test of time, apart from my little pimple friend on my forehead my skin is still looking pretty flawless, however my skin did feel a tad greasy at the end of the day. I give MAC studio fix fluid foundation an….drum roll please…….8/10!!

Tune in next time and see what other brands will be put through their paces in my ultimate quest to find the perfect foundation!!!