Beauty on the go

I spend a good proportion of my life on trains. So much so I know a couple of the refreshment vendors on a first name basis, blimey. I actually enjoy being on trains, it gives me half an hour or so to gather my thoughts, look at my emails (yeah i’m lying I really mean Facebook) and most importantly DO MY MAKE UP. I know i’m not the only one here ladies, I see you all with your compacts and careful mascara work.

So when your on the move, don’t let you make up bag weigh you down. Pick your most compact, day wear friendly, multi-use products you have. Honestly it’s not as hard as it sounds, as you can see below.

Sleek contouring and blush palette in Medium, Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment under eye concealer, Maybelline Colossal volume Cat Eyes, ModelCo illusion lip liner in nude, The Body Shop All-In-One BB Crean (03) and The Body shop Born Lippy lip balm in Pink Berry

Sleek contouring and blush palette in Medium, Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment under eye concealer, Maybelline Colossal volume Cat Eyes, ModelCo illusion lip liner in nude, The Body Shop All-In-One BB Crean (03) Rimmel waterproof liquid liner (black) and The Body shop Born Lippy lip balm in Pink Berry

The finished product!

The finished product!

The trick is to make sure every base is covered eyes, lips, and face. And if its not covered, think of alternatives. Like if I don’t bring my Benefit browzings kit to work one day, i will put a tiny bit of mascara in my brows to darken them. Things like The Body Shop all in one BB Cream are great because there is no need to cram your moisturiser in there too!

So ladies, does your bag need taking down a peg or two??

Until next time ūüôā xxxxx


no time for eye shadow…..try this!

Those last minute party¬†arrangements¬†don’t leave much time for perfect make up. Or how about those days when you just can be bothered to blend three different shades of grey for that perfect smoky eye. So…. now this is going to sound weird but just hear me out….use bronzer! Yes¬†I’m¬†starting to sound a little bit bronze obsessed but this really does work a treat and literally takes under a minute.

1.Do your mascara and eye-liner as usual and make sure your eyelid is clean of any make up, however I do sometimes prime my lids with a light concealer and this will help keep eye make up from budging.

2.Take a medium sized fluffy¬†eye-shadow¬†brush ( I use Gosh Professional art which¬†I¬†have pictured below) and load it with your bronzer. I usually use Bourjois Delice de Poudre which¬†I¬†mentioned in my previous post Stay Bronzed. Most bronzers will work well but the ones with a more matte finish will be harder to blend. If you don’t use bronzer then blusher works too, just make sure its not too pink and has enough depth so your eyes don’t look washed out.

3. Now this is the easy part…you know the crease of the eye?.. well just above that is your brow bone, using it as a guide sweep the brush over the brown bone and fan out slightly at edge of the eye. Avoid going onto your actual lid because this will ruin the effect and going right up to your brow is a big no no.

It really is as easy as that….what this does it oven up the eyes and creates a natural shadow effect without the hassle of all that blending!

p.s I have done it a little darker so it shows up better in the pics…but a light sweep is all you need!! Until next time….

Brow Zings!

I know a lot¬†of women are guilty of this, especially if you grew up in the 90’s like me. It all started when one day I¬†reached for my mum’s tweezers and POOF!……¬† skinny brows ever since! If you’re as¬†¬†guilty as I am for getting tweezer happy, then please read on….


Brows are back and have been for a while, so make like Kim Kardashian and Nicola Roberts and get them back in shape….the easy way!!¬†

I’m not saying you have¬†to maximise¬†your brows everyday, but strong brows really compliment smokey eye make-up and frame the face. The only thing I would say¬†with thickening your brows¬†is practice make perfect, we don’t want mono brows ladies!!

You can use a brow pencil,¬† but I personally¬†don’t think¬†they are the easiest to use and¬†don’t¬†always give a natural effect. The main product I use on my eyebrows is Brow zings by Benefit cosmetics (¬£22.50)

This kit comes in 3 shades; light, medium and deep. I have dark brown hair and stick with the medium shade, deep is really for very dark hair and black hair. Included in the kit is a soft pigmented wax which helps shape the brows, add definition and hold in place. Once you have brushed your brows into shape with the wax next is the setting powder which adds great definition and as the wax goes first, the powder sticks to it so your brows stay in shape all day!

You want to be subtle when thickening up your brows so darken the natural shape of your brows first, then if you want them thicker, always start from underneath the brow line, never on top! With brow zings you get a hard angle brush, with the wax create a line directly underneath the thinner part of the brow all along to the end, next use the blending brush with the powder to smudge upwards¬†until the¬†line¬†is fully¬†blended into¬†your natural brow shape. This will enable you to create thicker brows without a scary harsh look!! Sounds complicated I know, but practice makes perfect when it comes to brows…enjoy!! xx

                                                                                                                   Oh no!


                                                                                                                 Oh yes!


I’m¬†gonna share with you a valuable¬†lesson I have learnt, and that is how to sculpt your face!! Sounds weird hey?! By sculpting I¬†mean¬†contouring¬†the face so it appears picture¬†perfect. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with high cheekbones, and as for the shape of my face….well its ROUND! But with these handy tricks you can look picture perfect in 10 mins, this is for everybody, every face shape…..say cheese!!

1. Make sure you have the right shade of foundation, too light it will make your face appear wider and the light will bounce off the face making you look ill. If your foundation is too dark then it will create unflattering¬†lines and shades where you don’t¬†want it. It is worth booking a make up lesson to get your foundation right, i¬†would recommend¬†going to your local Estee Lauder counter, they are the top dogs for foundation! Trust me!

2.If you use a bronzer, apply a light dusting all over the face, and try not to focus too much around the nose and mid forehead¬†area as this will make the skin look dull. I would personally use Hoola¬†(Benefit ¬£22.50) as it’s the perfect shade and has no orange pigment. Remember…keep it light handed ladies!

3. Take a Brownish/plumish¬†blusher, if your very tanned then use a dark bronzer, but I like to use one with a plum undertone like Dallas (Benefit ¬£22.50). FEEL YOUR FACE….everyone has cheekbones, some are just a little more hidden, feel where your cheek bones end, feel the very bottom of your cheekbones, take a propper¬†blusher¬†brush and sweep it underneath in an upwards motion towards your hairline. Blend so there are no harsh lines

4. Take a highlighter like Nars¬†Orgasm Illuminator¬†¬£21 or if you have fairer skin try Benefit highbeam¬†¬£16.50. This time feel out the tops of your cheekbones and apply it in tiny dots along the exact line you feel out and again blend up into the hairline…dont go too near the eyes as this will give a rather weird effect!

And there you have it, beautiful cheeks!! Sorry the pic isn’t better, im hoping santa will get me a new digital camera¬† this xmas: ) More ‘sculpting’ tricks to come my lovelies x