WAH nails review….

I have said this so many times on this blog, so sorry to my regular readers because here comes another…..I have no patience with nail varnish. Occasionally when I have a spare hour I will sit down and give them a paint, full of promise and positivity which quickly disappears when i realise my nails are still tacky and I want to make a cup of tea and play on my phone. SO, it may come as a surprise to some that i have been following WAH nails since its conception.
“In 2008, founder Sharmadean Reid had an inkling that the nail art she and her friends had been sporting for years was about to hit the mainstream (and having working as a trend consultant since graduating from Central St Martins, she should know!) After another bad experience at a local nail salon (they refused to do the Dior double french) she decided she was going to open her own salon where you could have “Whatever you wanted on your fingertips” and of course, it would be called WAH Nails.”  (http://www.wah-nails.com/about)
I like their whole ethos. WAH started not just a nail bar but a lifestyle enhancement. And of-course, I always admire business women who aren’t afraid of coming out with something new, which is exactly what Sharmadean Reid did. Oh and I hate french manicures…
Not being one to splurge on beauty treatments (i’m usually a D.I.Y kinda gal) I never booked myself in…until Saturday. That’s right, i finally splurged, and I’m so glad I did, I’m in love! Here is what my nails looked like:
photo 1
photo 3
 The lovely WAH girl Cherry did my nails in a surprisingly short amount of time. Considering my nails are quite short for the designs I wanted, I thought she did an amazing job. I was very familiar with WAH’s classic mix and match and knew that is what I wanted. I think next time I will get something more unified for a change. I paid £37.50 for this, a little pricey but I could no way do this art myself so I was happy to pay it. I would’t recommend the studs unless the nails are for a special occasion the same day as they have already fallen off, which i knew they would once the nail varnish got too hard.
All in all I really enjoyed my experience and am already planning my next trip. Follow @wahnails on Instagram for amazing nail inspiration and to book an appointment at the Oxford street salon call: +44 (0)20 7927 7844
You can also get WAH nails latest book full of tutorials and more at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Nails-Book-Downtown-Girls/dp/174270591X/ref=pd_sim_b_1
More mix and match ideas!

More mix and match ideas!


The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls


Summer Lips

Yes, that big yellow thing in the sky IS the sun and yes, it IS finally summer. Well, it has been sunny for around a week now so hey ho good enough for me.

If you are like me, I like to leave some of the colours I wore in the winter with my bobble hats and baggy jumpers and try new colour palletes. Summer also means after work drinks, limiting my lipstick choices according to whatever space is left for my handbag.

So just for you, I have finally narrowed down my two favourite lip looks for the summer..what do you think?



1. For a laid back, super nude look, outline your lips with Model Co illusion nude lip liner for a fuller pout and dab on Myth by MAC. Top Tip: You cannot acheive this look with dry lips. Layer on you favourite Lip balm and let it sink in for a good 15 minutes before you do your make up. I love the Body Shop’s Born Lippy in Pink Berry.

2. I love this purple/pink look as it screams summer but is bang on trend too. Great if you like the two-toned effect but are too scared of looking like you have two sets of lips….que interesting mental images. I used Up the Amp (Mac) and smudged Viva Glam (Nicki) lip glass in the middle of the lips. Top Tip: You can do this with so many different shades, simply find a semi-matte or matte lipstick and a lighter lipgloss with of the same tone.

Stay tuned for my other favourite summer looks…….mwah xxxxx

Max Factor Masterpiece- There is a reason it’s number 1

So, I love mascara, and way back I did a little post called ‘My top 5 mascaras’. My number one was Max Factor Masterpiece (£8.99 from Boots). A whole load of mascaras have been released since that post. Some were good, some were ok and some were down right awful. ‘If it aint broke then don’t fix it’ an overused cliché but true non the less. Max Factor Masterpiece still reigns supreme and here is why:

So now you have the proof, will you try anything else?



Play with colour!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to abandon colour altogether! Thank’s to sleek’s Divine mineral based eye shadow palette (£6.49) you can inject some much-needed colour into your life. There’s a shade to bring out every eye colour and here is how…..

For blue eyes it’s all about the browns and golds to make your peepers stand out from the crowd. Dot the light colour in the corners of the eyes and blend out with the copper and into the darkest brown colour. Great for winter evenings!


If you have green in your eyes then it’s definitely purple you’re looking for. Keep the colour close to the eyes and use the dark purple shade as a liner, this will really enhance green eyes and make them brighter instantly. Blend with the light pink shade to soften the look.


Brown eyes? Make blue your new best friend. Don’t be scared, blue eye shadow doesn’t just belong in the 80’s and it really brings out the depth of brown eyes. Use the vivid blue shade all over the lid and blend the green into the crease of the eyes for a beautiful ocean inspired look!

                 I don’t think there should be too many rules with make up so if you want to experiment with colour, why not try every shade! I used Sleek’s original divine palette which i prefer as the colours are so wearable.


Thanks to my beautiful models Alisha, Rachel, Ali and Christina for lending me their faces!

Brow Zings!

I know a lot of women are guilty of this, especially if you grew up in the 90’s like me. It all started when one day I reached for my mum’s tweezers and POOF!……  skinny brows ever since! If you’re as  guilty as I am for getting tweezer happy, then please read on….


Brows are back and have been for a while, so make like Kim Kardashian and Nicola Roberts and get them back in shape….the easy way!! 

I’m not saying you have to maximise your brows everyday, but strong brows really compliment smokey eye make-up and frame the face. The only thing I would say with thickening your brows is practice make perfect, we don’t want mono brows ladies!!

You can use a brow pencil,  but I personally don’t think they are the easiest to use and don’t always give a natural effect. The main product I use on my eyebrows is Brow zings by Benefit cosmetics (£22.50)

This kit comes in 3 shades; light, medium and deep. I have dark brown hair and stick with the medium shade, deep is really for very dark hair and black hair. Included in the kit is a soft pigmented wax which helps shape the brows, add definition and hold in place. Once you have brushed your brows into shape with the wax next is the setting powder which adds great definition and as the wax goes first, the powder sticks to it so your brows stay in shape all day!

You want to be subtle when thickening up your brows so darken the natural shape of your brows first, then if you want them thicker, always start from underneath the brow line, never on top! With brow zings you get a hard angle brush, with the wax create a line directly underneath the thinner part of the brow all along to the end, next use the blending brush with the powder to smudge upwards until the line is fully blended into your natural brow shape. This will enable you to create thicker brows without a scary harsh look!! Sounds complicated I know, but practice makes perfect when it comes to brows…enjoy!! xx

                                                                                                                   Oh no!


                                                                                                                 Oh yes!

My top 5 mascaras!!

We all know how much mascara makes a difference to our eyes, but with so much choice out there, which one really works? I have tried my fair share of mascaras and have discarded ones of false promise and clumpy ways to make room for my top 5! Ladies, I know a thing or two about lashes….

5.  Bourjois Volume clubbing Mascara (from £7.99) Best for…. value for money   

This mascara is not for fans of all things natural! If you desire larger than life lashes than this is the one for you, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with very short lashes as the texture is very thick and wont sit well. Great for a party look with a budget!  


4. Lancome Hypnose Drama (£20.00)- Best for….instantly improved lashes

Yes its £20 and yes you could buy a new top with that BUT this really is worth the money. It doesn’t dry out, it sticks to itself, rather than your lashes for a much fuller flutter and best of all its almost an instant improvement after one coat. The brush is cleverly created to catch every  lash at an angle which means they are all coated and beautifully separated. By far the best mascara by Lancome.


3.  Benefit’s BADgal Lash (£15.50) Best for….From day to night lashes!

I have used BADgal lash for years, and it is particularly useful during the party season, with a calender jammed packed with places to go and people to see, re-doing our make up can sometimes take a back seat. But thats no excuse for wilting lashes right?? BADgal lash is perfect for building upon from a day to night look without crumbling. One coat for day time can quickly transform into a vampish party look with a couple of extra coats, so get one for your handbag!! Oh it also comes in BADgal brown and BADgal Blue if your feeling especially adventurous!

2. DiorShow Blackout (£21.50) Best for….. Striking lashes

Black is never out of fashion, and you don’t get a richer black that DiorShow Blackout. It’s inky black texture leaves a slight shine on the lashes making them stand out even with heavy eye make-up on. With this mascara your lashes will reach new heights, and with extracts from arabic gum it leaves a deeply intense, rich finish. My only criticism of this product is the brush, it’s rather large and the bristles are quite seperated and takes some getting used too, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it grips every lash perfectly. 


AND THE WINNER IS……….Maxfactor Masterpeice (£8.99) Best for….well EVERYTHING!!

A well deserved winner, Maxfactor masterpiece is everything you need, reasonable price, lengthening, separating, long-lasting and easy to use.  The iFX brush (looks like rubber!) separates lashes beautifully and is so easy to use. I was amazed when I first used this mascara, great for evening and day make-up and it doesn’t break the bank…….I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!!

The simple things in life……

Away from the glamorous beauty counters and pricey treatments, it’s always nice to know that at the end of the day, we can always rely on the simple things in life, like…..

Vaseline lip therapy with cocoa butter

Vaseline!! I’ll be honest, wasn’t always a fan…but with its new blend of cocoa butter im in love, my lips are too!! Dont forget, vaseline isn’t all for the lips, use it on your eyebrows to condition and hold in place, your eyelashes at night to repair and replenish moisture after the you’ve finally got that fourth layer of mascara off! Taking off eye makeup, vas is great for removing waterproof products. Just get a generous helping, smear on the eyes, wait 30 secs and wash off with warm water….your peepers will thank you for it! Oh and so will your pocket…its only £1.99!