Beauty on the go

I spend a good proportion of my life on trains. So much so I know a couple of the refreshment vendors on a first name basis, blimey. I actually enjoy being on trains, it gives me half an hour or so to gather my thoughts, look at my emails (yeah i’m lying I really mean Facebook) and most importantly DO MY MAKE UP. I know i’m not the only one here ladies, I see you all with your compacts and careful mascara work.

So when your on the move, don’t let you make up bag weigh you down. Pick your most compact, day wear friendly, multi-use products you have. Honestly it’s not as hard as it sounds, as you can see below.

Sleek contouring and blush palette in Medium, Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment under eye concealer, Maybelline Colossal volume Cat Eyes, ModelCo illusion lip liner in nude, The Body Shop All-In-One BB Crean (03) and The Body shop Born Lippy lip balm in Pink Berry

Sleek contouring and blush palette in Medium, Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment under eye concealer, Maybelline Colossal volume Cat Eyes, ModelCo illusion lip liner in nude, The Body Shop All-In-One BB Crean (03) Rimmel waterproof liquid liner (black) and The Body shop Born Lippy lip balm in Pink Berry

The finished product!

The finished product!

The trick is to make sure every base is covered eyes, lips, and face. And if its not covered, think of alternatives. Like if I don’t bring my Benefit browzings kit to work one day, i will put a tiny bit of mascara in my brows to darken them. Things like The Body Shop all in one BB Cream are great because there is no need to cram your moisturiser in there too!

So ladies, does your bag need taking down a peg or two??

Until next time ūüôā xxxxx


Summer Lips

Yes, that big yellow thing in the sky IS the sun and yes, it IS finally summer. Well, it has been sunny for around a week now so hey ho good enough for me.

If you are like me, I like to leave some of the colours I wore in the winter with my bobble hats and baggy jumpers and try new colour palletes. Summer also means after work drinks, limiting my lipstick choices according to whatever space is left for my handbag.

So just for you, I have finally narrowed down my two favourite lip looks for the summer..what do you think?



1. For a laid back, super nude look, outline your lips with Model Co illusion nude lip liner for a fuller pout and dab on Myth by MAC. Top Tip: You cannot acheive this look with dry lips. Layer on you favourite Lip balm and let it sink in for a good 15 minutes before you do your make up. I love the Body Shop’s Born Lippy in Pink Berry.

2. I love this purple/pink look as it screams summer but is bang on trend too. Great if you like the two-toned effect but are too scared of looking like you have two sets of lips….que interesting mental images. I used Up the Amp (Mac) and smudged Viva Glam (Nicki) lip glass in the middle of the lips. Top Tip: You can do this with so many different shades, simply find a semi-matte or matte lipstick and a lighter lipgloss with of the same tone.

Stay tuned for my other favourite summer looks…….mwah xxxxx

Max Factor Masterpiece- There is a reason it’s number 1

So, I love mascara, and way back I did a little post called ‘My top 5 mascaras’. My number one was Max Factor Masterpiece (¬£8.99 from Boots). A whole load of mascaras have been released since that post. Some were good, some were ok and some were down right awful. ‘If it aint broke then don’t fix it’ an overused¬†clich√© but true non the less. Max Factor Masterpiece still reigns supreme and here is why:

So now you have the proof, will you try anything else?



Brighten up!

So it’s 7.00 in the morning, you haven’t had your coffee fix and your running late…not the best way to start your day!

On mornings like these (and trust me, I experience many like them) I like to brighten up. There is nothing worse than heavy make up on tired eyes, so I always turn to my old faithful friend eye bright by Benefit cosmetics (£14.00)

This product is an exception to other brightening eyeliners as the soft pink is the perfect shade, as a pose to white which can look harsh. Simply draw across the water line of the eye and for it in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Remember to blend, I usually just use my finger as the product is really soft! And voila, who knew you could look so pretty so early in the morning?



no time for eye shadow…..try this!

Those last minute party¬†arrangements¬†don’t leave much time for perfect make up. Or how about those days when you just can be bothered to blend three different shades of grey for that perfect smoky eye. So…. now this is going to sound weird but just hear me out….use bronzer! Yes¬†I’m¬†starting to sound a little bit bronze obsessed but this really does work a treat and literally takes under a minute.

1.Do your mascara and eye-liner as usual and make sure your eyelid is clean of any make up, however I do sometimes prime my lids with a light concealer and this will help keep eye make up from budging.

2.Take a medium sized fluffy¬†eye-shadow¬†brush ( I use Gosh Professional art which¬†I¬†have pictured below) and load it with your bronzer. I usually use Bourjois Delice de Poudre which¬†I¬†mentioned in my previous post Stay Bronzed. Most bronzers will work well but the ones with a more matte finish will be harder to blend. If you don’t use bronzer then blusher works too, just make sure its not too pink and has enough depth so your eyes don’t look washed out.

3. Now this is the easy part…you know the crease of the eye?.. well just above that is your brow bone, using it as a guide sweep the brush over the brown bone and fan out slightly at edge of the eye. Avoid going onto your actual lid because this will ruin the effect and going right up to your brow is a big no no.

It really is as easy as that….what this does it oven up the eyes and creates a natural shadow effect without the hassle of all that blending!

p.s I have done it a little darker so it shows up better in the pics…but a light sweep is all you need!! Until next time….

Fake it!

So although im all for mascara, sometimes it’s nice to get a helping hand from some fake eyelashes. I usually go for eyelure¬†naturalites¬†but this weekend i¬†was drawn to¬†the Girls Aload¬†editions. After much deliberation I went for Nadine’s as their wispy¬†and flirty¬†looking but not too in your face……Hanife is in love! Will definitely¬†be wearing these again! At ¬£4.99 they are excellent quality and eyelure lash glue cannot be beaten! Ready….steady …flutter!!

lip liner is not a crime!!

You may¬†think lip liner isn’t¬†for you, your wrong my friends, very wrong. Remember back in the day when girls¬†used to put a harsh bright liner all the way round their¬†lips and then use a totally different lipstick shade….well i sure do! But lip liner has seriously evolved and it’s not¬†just for strong lipstick shades and evening looks. I’m going to show you how to enhance your lips making them look fuller and sexier with just two products in three easy steps. Dont be scared ladies……sharpen your lip liner….I dare you!

1. This is an everyday look so look for a¬†neutral¬†shade of lip liner, I’m using Mac Lip pencil in Oak¬†(¬£10).¬†Make sure your liner pencil isn’t¬†too sharp, as this will create too much of an obvious line. If it’s a¬†little on the pointy side then just blunt it on the back of your hand. Take the liner, starting with your bottom lip create a short straight¬†line on the bottom edge at the fullest part of the lips, don’t take the liner into the corners of the mouth.

2. Next focus on your top lip, again avoiding the corners take the lip pencil and sketch two short dashes along each side, avoiding the cupid’s bow (the bit directly bellow your nose) and the corners. Next take your fingers and smudge the lines gently into the corners of the mouth, not too much though, most of the definition should stay where to sketched the lines.

3. Next take a fairly natural gloss or lipstick and apply with your fingers, this enables you to stain your lips with the gloss rather than and over powering sheen. Alternatively you can get a great look with a lip balm or vaseline, but remember…less is more! Since im so addicted to vaseline right now¬†I have used their aloe vera blend (¬£1.27). beautiful¬†AND healthy lips…..what a perfect partnership!



So enhance your lips for an everyday natural look, lip liner is your friend..embrace it : ) x