WAH nails review….

I have said this so many times on this blog, so sorry to my regular readers because here comes another…..I have no patience with nail varnish. Occasionally when I have a spare hour I will sit down and give them a paint, full of promise and positivity which quickly disappears when i realise my nails are still tacky and I want to make a cup of tea and play on my phone. SO, it may come as a surprise to some that i have been following WAH nails since its conception.
“In 2008, founder Sharmadean Reid had an inkling that the nail art she and her friends had been sporting for years was about to hit the mainstream (and having working as a trend consultant since graduating from Central St Martins, she should know!) After another bad experience at a local nail salon (they refused to do the Dior double french) she decided she was going to open her own salon where you could have “Whatever you wanted on your fingertips” and of course, it would be called WAH Nails.”  (http://www.wah-nails.com/about)
I like their whole ethos. WAH started not just a nail bar but a lifestyle enhancement. And of-course, I always admire business women who aren’t afraid of coming out with something new, which is exactly what Sharmadean Reid did. Oh and I hate french manicures…
Not being one to splurge on beauty treatments (i’m usually a D.I.Y kinda gal) I never booked myself in…until Saturday. That’s right, i finally splurged, and I’m so glad I did, I’m in love! Here is what my nails looked like:
photo 1
photo 3
 The lovely WAH girl Cherry did my nails in a surprisingly short amount of time. Considering my nails are quite short for the designs I wanted, I thought she did an amazing job. I was very familiar with WAH’s classic mix and match and knew that is what I wanted. I think next time I will get something more unified for a change. I paid £37.50 for this, a little pricey but I could no way do this art myself so I was happy to pay it. I would’t recommend the studs unless the nails are for a special occasion the same day as they have already fallen off, which i knew they would once the nail varnish got too hard.
All in all I really enjoyed my experience and am already planning my next trip. Follow @wahnails on Instagram for amazing nail inspiration and to book an appointment at the Oxford street salon call: +44 (0)20 7927 7844
You can also get WAH nails latest book full of tutorials and more at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Nails-Book-Downtown-Girls/dp/174270591X/ref=pd_sim_b_1
More mix and match ideas!

More mix and match ideas!


The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls


GHD Gold Max Styler


So, first of all. I have no laptop. But I will be darned if that will stop me so I’m putting my iPhone through its paces for this post. Second of all this is my first post about hair. How exciting 🙂

I’m not sure why I haven’t spoken about my hair before.. You can’t really miss it. I am indeed a naturally curly girl. When I say curly I actually mean crazy omg look at the size of that girl’s hair curly. I have grown to love it and about three years ago I stopped straightening it for good.

However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wear it straight for a wedding recently. I have always thought GHD’s performed reasonably well in my hair, but these were different. The hairdresser user GHD gold max to get through my masses of hair…and here is how it looked….


Here is a before and after….


I really liked how the ombré looked in my hair when it was straight and the length was great. It made a great change and I would definitely recommend the GHD Gold MAx stylers for girls with really thick curly hair like mine.

But will I be ditching the curls for good?….


Khroma beauty

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that these girls know a thing or two about world domination. With they’re Louboutins now firmly placed in the beauty world, make up bloggers everywhere are talking about Khroma beauty, the Kardashian sister’s soon to be released cosmetic range….including moi.

Us Brits are going to have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on the range, which is due to be released in the US in December. However, the Kardashian clan have teased their fans with sneak peak of the range with some very enticing promo shots.


The line has been described as an ‘affordable’ range of luxury lashes, mascaras and ‘kardazzle compacts’. Although the initial release is all about the eyes, further releases in February are to include a skin illuminator, a finishing powder and a face mask.

Kim stated on her blog: “we’ve always wanted to release our own cosmetics line, so this is a dream come true”

Whether your a fan or not, there is no denying that the Kardashian sisters have been exposed to some of the best make up artists in the world, giving me hope that this range will live up to its hype. Only time will tell.

Till next time dolls.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company

My un-healthy obsession with lashes has just been cranked up a notch with The Vintage cosmetic company’s new false eyelash range (£6.50 a pair). There are five different styles to choose from including Kitty, Nancy, Connie and Betty and Gracie meaning that there is a vintage style for every mood.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Gracie, the style that promises a cute and girly style. I was not left disappointed.

The best thing about these lashes is that they are actually wearable. While the false eyelash market is still booming, there is a lack of styles out there that can actually look beautiful and believable; enter The Vintage Cosmetic Company.  Easy application and durable adhesive is a must and these eyelashes deliver both whilst creating a sexy yet soft finish.

Gracie is the perfect style girls who love playing around with their eye make-up. This is because the lashes are set in separated clusters, which will add volume to your own lashes without taking all the attention away from your eye shadow and liner. Dense lashes will cover your lids but with Gracie your entire look is enhanced, not hidden.

The vintage look can be worn by anyone thanks to its ultra-feminine appeal. Think statement lips, black liquid liner and a perfect photo finish skin.  I have teamed my lashes with a classic vintage look, mirroring the style of Gracie with a flirty fun edge.

Don’t forget, false eyelashes worn on their own can look really effective. These lashes have made this look easy to achieve through the invisible strip that sits comfortably on your own lash line. The slightly fanned out edges also add that little bit of glamour that mascara can’t do.

The range was launched at the vintage haven that is The Powder rooms in Soho this week, raising the bar for the eyelash market; I would recommend these lashes to everyone who needs a bit of glamour in their lives.

To pick your style visit thevintagecosmeticcompany.co.uk and get to know the vintage beauty craze, because it aint stopping anytime soon!

Make up store

The simple name of the company should not be confused for an average run of the mill ‘store’, because what struck me most when browsing in its Westfield boutique was how it resembles a make up artists collection. The packaging is simple meaning all the attention is in the products, which have certainly impressed me!!

I was looking for a concealer and was swiftly shown to ‘cover all mix’ (£24) which includes three shades to cover redness, dark circles and dull blues tones on the face. A tad pricey yes but it does exactly what it says on the tin (sorry but it does) and well worth it for all you full cover finish gals out there! As i purchased a product i was able to buy the magazine for £2. Its full of useful tips but i must warn you, the arty farty pictures are a slight turn off, but make up store redeems itself with a beautiful execution of the birth of the company and interviews from leading international make up artists. In my opinion make up store is at the very least worth a look, the best way to describe it is Mac meets sweedish suave : )