Flutter this Spring

Spring is here so be gone evil clumpy spider leg lashes and welcome flirty defined lashes! That’s right, I have a new mascara to add to the hall of fame that has proven itself to be a major contender for the number 1 spot.

This Spring is all about romantic, 70’s style flirty fun and with the weather warming up I simply can’t be doing with sticking falsies on to acheive this look. Enter L’Oreal’s  Volume million lashes (£11.29)

This mascara has an in-built wiper system that gets rid of excess mascara from the brush, which saves you the annoying task of doing it yourself. Plus the brush is one of the best I have ever used, with double the amount of bristles it separates the lashes beautifully and as it is made out of a rubber like material rather than bristles, it is more hard wearing and combs through the lashes easily. A great one for a day or an evening look as it is layered easily and never clumps…..here is the photo evidence….

So avoid clumps like the plague and give each lash the spotlight with L’Oreal’s volume million lashes…..I think I’m just a little bit in love.

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