Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes has been done so many times before. However I don’t mean this in a negative way. It’s such a classic look that everyone can wear. The look has developed over the years and been subject to a lot of adaptations and…you guessed it ….here is mine!!! I like to incorporate bronze with smokey eyes as blacks and greys can make the eyes look smaller.

You will need a base colour. I’m using Sleek’s divine original eyeshadow compact (£6.49), which I used in a previous post called play with colour. I would recommend this palette to anyone as it’s such good value for money and the quality of pigment is just as good as more expensive brands. I have used the yellowish goldish colour all over the lid, but not right up to the brow. I am slightly tanned so this is a good colour for me but if your slightly fairer you could go for more beige tone. I like that this shade is shimmery so when I add the Black (which is matte) it really stands out because of the contrasting textures.

Oh by the way I’m using the Gosh professional fluff brush. I’m trying to keep the process of achieving this look as simple as possible so you can use a brush of this size for all of the shading for this smokey look. Next I’m taking the black eyeshadow and sweeping it directly in the crease of the eye. Then about half way along the upper lash line i’m taking the brush outwards to meet the edge of the eye. At the edge of the eye I make the two line meet, almost like a C shape.

Next take the bronze colour (which I have pictured below) and sweep it on top of the line you just created on the crease…..don’t worry this will look amazing once blended!

Now BLEND BLEND BLEND! Take a clean brush and simply sweep it over all the black and bronze shadow, slightly fanning it out at the sides…think cat like!! Blending is so important so take your time. If you want to go darker then at a smidge at a time and BLEND!!

Strong brows are a must. I have discovered a great new eye brow tool. Its from No 7 and called Precision Brow Pencil (£10.25 from boots)….although I’m not sure why it’s called a pencil because it is more like a wax texture, which I prefer. Simply shade in your brows to your desired depth…..and that’s it, no blending needed! I have also used Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid liner in black (£2.99 BARGAIN!!) . Only draw a thin line on your top lash line and flick out slightly, one stroke is all you need with such dark eye shadow.

Next take a slant brush, you can get these from loads of places…Superdrug..Boots..mine is from the Body Shop who do great brushes and cost £9.00! Now dip it in the black shadow and wipe off any excess on a tissue. Take the brush as close as you can to the bottom lash line (not going inside of the eye) and gently wiggle the shadow all the way along creating a liner effect. Next take a coal liner (now this is for inside of your eye) and carefully sweep it all away along the inside of the eye. I have used a great little gadget called Kajal Liner by Sleek Make up in Nocturnal (Black) £4.30, which is really soft coal stick that is an ideal texture for this delicate area of the eye.

Finish off with a generous coat of mascara and there you have it, show stopping eyes! I have used Mac Plush lash (£13.30) which gives great volume!

This is just one of my smokey eye effects, keep tuning in to discover how versatile Smokey eyes can be!!

Mwah xx


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