Crack up!

So I was browsing through More mags beauty pages when I came across Barry M’s instant nail effects (£3.99). I had heard of it before and thought it was about time I tried it myself….all thanks to my house mate Rachel who is way ahead of the game and bought it about a month ago! 🙂

I was really impressed. Anyone who knows me will say that although I’m interested in all make up, I have never been that fussed about nail polish…shock horror!! I think this is because I’m impatient. I get all flustered when it won’t dry in time and chips after one day…drives me mad!! But this product is really simple. You just pick any base colour, the lighter the better to show the full effect, let it dry and paint one coat of the Instant nail effects over it and like magic it breaks up and creates a funky jagged effect. It may take two goes to get it perfect, as if you aply to much it’s a little clumpy but overall a really simple product to use.

Bravo Barry M, Bravo!!

2 thoughts on “Crack up!

  1. oo, it look soo cool, but has it stain yout nails after removal? i once tryed a barry M nail varnish, like a deep red-ish colour n it stained my nails, they were a faint pinkish colour for the next week .. wasnt impressed so much .. =\

    • Hi Nusa!

      I know what you mean about Barry M staining your nails, but this one doesn’t as its going over another colour. Also, it has a different consistency to other nail polishes so comes off easier. But in future use a clear polish underneath your other Barry M polishers to stop it staining and remember to leave a week without nail polish to get some oxygen to your nails, lack of oxygen is the real reason our nails go yellow after polish!!! thanks for reading my blog!! xxx

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