no time for eye shadow…..try this!

Those last minute party arrangements don’t leave much time for perfect make up. Or how about those days when you just can be bothered to blend three different shades of grey for that perfect smoky eye. So…. now this is going to sound weird but just hear me out….use bronzer! Yes I’m starting to sound a little bit bronze obsessed but this really does work a treat and literally takes under a minute.

1.Do your mascara and eye-liner as usual and make sure your eyelid is clean of any make up, however I do sometimes prime my lids with a light concealer and this will help keep eye make up from budging.

2.Take a medium sized fluffy eye-shadow brush ( I use Gosh Professional art which I have pictured below) and load it with your bronzer. I usually use Bourjois Delice de Poudre which I mentioned in my previous post Stay Bronzed. Most bronzers will work well but the ones with a more matte finish will be harder to blend. If you don’t use bronzer then blusher works too, just make sure its not too pink and has enough depth so your eyes don’t look washed out.

3. Now this is the easy part…you know the crease of the eye?.. well just above that is your brow bone, using it as a guide sweep the brush over the brown bone and fan out slightly at edge of the eye. Avoid going onto your actual lid because this will ruin the effect and going right up to your brow is a big no no.

It really is as easy as that….what this does it oven up the eyes and creates a natural shadow effect without the hassle of all that blending!

p.s I have done it a little darker so it shows up better in the pics…but a light sweep is all you need!! Until next time….


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