The Foundation challenge……..

If there is one thing that a foundation must, I repeat….MUST do is stay on all day!! I have no time to reapply, especially after all my hard work with bronzer and just the right amount of blush!! So, with the help of my camera I am putting some of the best known foundations to the test. Starting with MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (19.50), which claims to stay put for 8 hours with a medium matte coverage.

Don’t think I went easy on MAC, oh no, I didn’t sit around with it on my face all day (trying) to look pretty. I walked in the rain on my way to Uni, got squished on the tube, sat through ‘Love and other Drugs’ which may I say had me crying like a baby, then proceeded to get a little bit squiffy with a tia maria or four! So….does MAC do exactly what it says on the tin……here is the photo evidence:


….and 10.30pm

So, its an impressive result for MAC studio Fix Fluid. It has stood  and surpassed the test of time, apart from my little pimple friend on my forehead my skin is still looking pretty flawless, however my skin did feel a tad greasy at the end of the day. I give MAC studio fix fluid foundation an….drum roll please…….8/10!!

Tune in next time and see what other brands will be put through their paces in my ultimate quest to find the perfect foundation!!!


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