Lidl and Aldi for beauty, why the heck not!

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I know I did! But one thing is sure……..I’m broke!! So here are some little cheap and cheerful things that I found in my local Lidl and Aldi…..thats right LIDL and ALDI, don’t knock it until you try it!

Aldi day moisturiser cream (£1.89) is simply beautiful and a fast growing phenomenon. It feels amazing on the skin and acts as a great base for your make up as it isn’t too heavy or greasy. I would definitely pay more for this product because it actually WORKS. After one weeks application my skin felt so soft and smooth, yes im only 23 but I did have a few very fine lines on my forehead which have disappeared thanks to this beauty bargain. So give it a go, what have you got to lose…its under 2 quid for crying out loud!!

So, I was looking for soup in my local Lidl when I came across this instant bronzing gel, I was intrigued and thought why not!? I bought Lidl’s Glow ‘n’ Go Instant tan shimmer and was more than pleasantly surprised. It smell gorgeous, kind of like co co nut and was non patchy on my skin. The colour isn’t that deep so you may need a couple of applications but apart from that its a winning product. It’s also available in matte for a more day time natural look, oh and did I mention it costs £1! Can’t even buy a sandwich for that much!

So next time your down in the dumps because you can’t afford your favourite beauty buys, then just remember something just as good maybe hiding in your local supermarket : ) xx


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