Play with colour!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to abandon colour altogether! Thank’s to sleek’s Divine mineral based eye shadow palette (£6.49) you can inject some much-needed colour into your life. There’s a shade to bring out every eye colour and here is how…..

For blue eyes it’s all about the browns and golds to make your peepers stand out from the crowd. Dot the light colour in the corners of the eyes and blend out with the copper and into the darkest brown colour. Great for winter evenings!


If you have green in your eyes then it’s definitely purple you’re looking for. Keep the colour close to the eyes and use the dark purple shade as a liner, this will really enhance green eyes and make them brighter instantly. Blend with the light pink shade to soften the look.


Brown eyes? Make blue your new best friend. Don’t be scared, blue eye shadow doesn’t just belong in the 80’s and it really brings out the depth of brown eyes. Use the vivid blue shade all over the lid and blend the green into the crease of the eyes for a beautiful ocean inspired look!

                 I don’t think there should be too many rules with make up so if you want to experiment with colour, why not try every shade! I used Sleek’s original divine palette which i prefer as the colours are so wearable.


Thanks to my beautiful models Alisha, Rachel, Ali and Christina for lending me their faces!


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