lip liner is not a crime!!

You may think lip liner isn’t for you, your wrong my friends, very wrong. Remember back in the day when girls used to put a harsh bright liner all the way round their lips and then use a totally different lipstick shade….well i sure do! But lip liner has seriously evolved and it’s not just for strong lipstick shades and evening looks. I’m going to show you how to enhance your lips making them look fuller and sexier with just two products in three easy steps. Dont be scared ladies……sharpen your lip liner….I dare you!

1. This is an everyday look so look for a neutral shade of lip liner, I’m using Mac Lip pencil in Oak (£10). Make sure your liner pencil isn’t too sharp, as this will create too much of an obvious line. If it’s a little on the pointy side then just blunt it on the back of your hand. Take the liner, starting with your bottom lip create a short straight line on the bottom edge at the fullest part of the lips, don’t take the liner into the corners of the mouth.

2. Next focus on your top lip, again avoiding the corners take the lip pencil and sketch two short dashes along each side, avoiding the cupid’s bow (the bit directly bellow your nose) and the corners. Next take your fingers and smudge the lines gently into the corners of the mouth, not too much though, most of the definition should stay where to sketched the lines.

3. Next take a fairly natural gloss or lipstick and apply with your fingers, this enables you to stain your lips with the gloss rather than and over powering sheen. Alternatively you can get a great look with a lip balm or vaseline, but remember…less is more! Since im so addicted to vaseline right now I have used their aloe vera blend (£1.27). beautiful AND healthy lips…..what a perfect partnership!



So enhance your lips for an everyday natural look, lip liner is your friend..embrace it : ) x


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