Brow Zings!

I know a lot of women are guilty of this, especially if you grew up in the 90’s like me. It all started when one day I reached for my mum’s tweezers and POOF!……  skinny brows ever since! If you’re as  guilty as I am for getting tweezer happy, then please read on….


Brows are back and have been for a while, so make like Kim Kardashian and Nicola Roberts and get them back in shape….the easy way!! 

I’m not saying you have to maximise your brows everyday, but strong brows really compliment smokey eye make-up and frame the face. The only thing I would say with thickening your brows is practice make perfect, we don’t want mono brows ladies!!

You can use a brow pencil,  but I personally don’t think they are the easiest to use and don’t always give a natural effect. The main product I use on my eyebrows is Brow zings by Benefit cosmetics (£22.50)

This kit comes in 3 shades; light, medium and deep. I have dark brown hair and stick with the medium shade, deep is really for very dark hair and black hair. Included in the kit is a soft pigmented wax which helps shape the brows, add definition and hold in place. Once you have brushed your brows into shape with the wax next is the setting powder which adds great definition and as the wax goes first, the powder sticks to it so your brows stay in shape all day!

You want to be subtle when thickening up your brows so darken the natural shape of your brows first, then if you want them thicker, always start from underneath the brow line, never on top! With brow zings you get a hard angle brush, with the wax create a line directly underneath the thinner part of the brow all along to the end, next use the blending brush with the powder to smudge upwards until the line is fully blended into your natural brow shape. This will enable you to create thicker brows without a scary harsh look!! Sounds complicated I know, but practice makes perfect when it comes to brows…enjoy!! xx

                                                                                                                   Oh no!


                                                                                                                 Oh yes!


One thought on “Brow Zings!

  1. ooohh… i might have to invest in this.. i usually use pencil.. but not a huge fan, have to really rub it in after use, n then it smudges n .. well u know how it is.. difficult! .. browzings.. thanks for the tip 🙂

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