My top 5 mascaras!!

We all know how much mascara makes a difference to our eyes, but with so much choice out there, which one really works? I have tried my fair share of mascaras and have discarded ones of false promise and clumpy ways to make room for my top 5! Ladies, I know a thing or two about lashes….

5.  Bourjois Volume clubbing Mascara (from £7.99) Best for…. value for money   

This mascara is not for fans of all things natural! If you desire larger than life lashes than this is the one for you, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with very short lashes as the texture is very thick and wont sit well. Great for a party look with a budget!  


4. Lancome Hypnose Drama (£20.00)- Best for….instantly improved lashes

Yes its £20 and yes you could buy a new top with that BUT this really is worth the money. It doesn’t dry out, it sticks to itself, rather than your lashes for a much fuller flutter and best of all its almost an instant improvement after one coat. The brush is cleverly created to catch every  lash at an angle which means they are all coated and beautifully separated. By far the best mascara by Lancome.


3.  Benefit’s BADgal Lash (£15.50) Best for….From day to night lashes!

I have used BADgal lash for years, and it is particularly useful during the party season, with a calender jammed packed with places to go and people to see, re-doing our make up can sometimes take a back seat. But thats no excuse for wilting lashes right?? BADgal lash is perfect for building upon from a day to night look without crumbling. One coat for day time can quickly transform into a vampish party look with a couple of extra coats, so get one for your handbag!! Oh it also comes in BADgal brown and BADgal Blue if your feeling especially adventurous!

2. DiorShow Blackout (£21.50) Best for….. Striking lashes

Black is never out of fashion, and you don’t get a richer black that DiorShow Blackout. It’s inky black texture leaves a slight shine on the lashes making them stand out even with heavy eye make-up on. With this mascara your lashes will reach new heights, and with extracts from arabic gum it leaves a deeply intense, rich finish. My only criticism of this product is the brush, it’s rather large and the bristles are quite seperated and takes some getting used too, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it grips every lash perfectly. 


AND THE WINNER IS……….Maxfactor Masterpeice (£8.99) Best for….well EVERYTHING!!

A well deserved winner, Maxfactor masterpiece is everything you need, reasonable price, lengthening, separating, long-lasting and easy to use.  The iFX brush (looks like rubber!) separates lashes beautifully and is so easy to use. I was amazed when I first used this mascara, great for evening and day make-up and it doesn’t break the bank…….I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!!


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