The simple things in life……

Away from the glamorous beauty counters and pricey treatments, it’s always nice to know that at the end of the day, we can always rely on the simple things in life, like…..

Vaseline lip therapy with cocoa butter

Vaseline!! I’ll be honest, wasn’t always a fan…but with its new blend of cocoa butter im in love, my lips are too!! Dont forget, vaseline isn’t all for the lips, use it on your eyebrows to condition and hold in place, your eyelashes at night to repair and replenish moisture after the you’ve finally got that fourth layer of mascara off! Taking off eye makeup, vas is great for removing waterproof products. Just get a generous helping, smear on the eyes, wait 30 secs and wash off with warm water….your peepers will thank you for it! Oh and so will your pocket…its only £1.99!

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