I’m gonna share with you a valuable lesson I have learnt, and that is how to sculpt your face!! Sounds weird hey?! By sculpting I mean contouring the face so it appears picture perfect. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with high cheekbones, and as for the shape of my face….well its ROUND! But with these handy tricks you can look picture perfect in 10 mins, this is for everybody, every face shape…..say cheese!!

1. Make sure you have the right shade of foundation, too light it will make your face appear wider and the light will bounce off the face making you look ill. If your foundation is too dark then it will create unflattering lines and shades where you don’t want it. It is worth booking a make up lesson to get your foundation right, i would recommend going to your local Estee Lauder counter, they are the top dogs for foundation! Trust me!

2.If you use a bronzer, apply a light dusting all over the face, and try not to focus too much around the nose and mid forehead area as this will make the skin look dull. I would personally use Hoola (Benefit £22.50) as it’s the perfect shade and has no orange pigment. Remember…keep it light handed ladies!

3. Take a Brownish/plumish blusher, if your very tanned then use a dark bronzer, but I like to use one with a plum undertone like Dallas (Benefit £22.50). FEEL YOUR FACE….everyone has cheekbones, some are just a little more hidden, feel where your cheek bones end, feel the very bottom of your cheekbones, take a propper blusher brush and sweep it underneath in an upwards motion towards your hairline. Blend so there are no harsh lines

4. Take a highlighter like Nars Orgasm Illuminator £21 or if you have fairer skin try Benefit highbeam £16.50. This time feel out the tops of your cheekbones and apply it in tiny dots along the exact line you feel out and again blend up into the hairline…dont go too near the eyes as this will give a rather weird effect!

And there you have it, beautiful cheeks!! Sorry the pic isn’t better, im hoping santa will get me a new digital camera  this xmas: ) More ‘sculpting’ tricks to come my lovelies x


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