Make up store

The simple name of the company should not be confused for an average run of the mill ‘store’, because what struck me most when browsing in its Westfield boutique was how it resembles a make up artists collection. The packaging is simple meaning all the attention is in the products, which have certainly impressed me!!

I was looking for a concealer and was swiftly shown to ‘cover all mix’ (£24) which includes three shades to cover redness, dark circles and dull blues tones on the face. A tad pricey yes but it does exactly what it says on the tin (sorry but it does) and well worth it for all you full cover finish gals out there! As i purchased a product i was able to buy the magazine for £2. Its full of useful tips but i must warn you, the arty farty pictures are a slight turn off, but make up store redeems itself with a beautiful execution of the birth of the company and interviews from leading international make up artists. In my opinion make up store is at the very least worth a look, the best way to describe it is Mac meets sweedish suave : )

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