Stay bronzed….


Now, as much as I would like to rock it, i just can’t pull off a delicate pale complexion. I know its important to go with the season and adjust your make up to the climate…but im sorry, no one is going to take away my bronzer (que make-up artist’s cringe!)   

I have tried a lot of bronzers in my time, here are a couple of the ones that have left a lasting impression…..   

Hoola Benefit, £23.50

Here is a little gem that i have been loyal to for about 3 years now, it’s the product that finally moved my attention away from shimmer bronzers (shiny orange faces are never a good look!)   

Hoola is a totally matte formula and has absolutely no shades of orange in it, just tan. So basically the more you put on, the more sun-kissed you look, rather than a less desirable shade of tangerine! But do use with care, if matte powders are layered too much you will get a mucky build up, a light dusting all over your face is all you need for that cheeky tan!   

I would recommend this product to people with medium to dark skin tones and it is quite a deep tan. It’s a pricey £23.50 but worth every penny, my first box lasted me a whole year!! Other tanning treats from Benefit cosmetics include Talk to the Tan (£19.50). This is a liquid bronzer, not to be confused with a fake tan, it washes off with your cleanser. You can either mix this product with your foundation or wear it alone, perfect for adjusting your winter make up to your summer tan! Oh and its waterproof, amazing!    

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing powder

 Bourjois paris has been one of my favourite high street make-up brands for a long time now, main reason being they never fail to deliver luxurious products at such reasonable prices. This yummy bronzer is one that i turn to when the cash flow aint so great, and one for all you chocolate lovers, it smells and looks like the stuff!   

This is a really versatile product and comes in 3 shades to fit every tan fan! The pearly light bronze shade is more for fairer skin tones to add a subtle glow or alternatively for a complimentary highlighter over a darker bronzer like hoola. The Gold bronze shade is one for most skin tones and the light golden flecks of colour are don’t equal shiny face!! A great one to use as a blusher when you already have a tan. Finally the last shade is more of a matte finish, although the finish is very soft and layering doesn’t leave a dirty looking build up on the skin. BEAUTIFUL TANS ALL ROUND!!

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